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Washington not among states revolting against Common Core: Five states have decided to replace Common Core standards, and at least 27 others are considering delaying or doing away with them. But in Washington, similar legislation has been slow to appear and seems unlikely to pass.

Lawmakers drop bill that would have lowered threshold for school bonds (KPLU): A measure that would have established a simple majority as the threshold for raising taxes to pay for new schools or capital improvements failed to make it to a committee vote last week. State law requires school bond measures draw 60 percent of votes in order to pass.

First lady urges students to stay in school, even if it’s a ‘bad school’ (AP): Speaking at a Black History Month panel at the White House, Michelle Obama told young people that finishing their education is key to their success, even if their school is dilapidated or doesn’t have up-to-date technology and programs.

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