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Schools around the country run into problems with new tests (AP): Technical glitches have hindered the roll-out of new standardized exams tied to Common Core in several states. Many states, including Washington, have also seen large portions of parents and students opting out of the tests.

Civil rights groups criticize those who opt out of tests (The Washington Post): The NAACP, the National Disability Rights Network, the National Urban League and nine other groups issued a statement Tuesday criticizing parents who opt their children out of standardized testing. “We cannot fix what we cannot measure. And abolishing the tests or sabotaging the validity of their results only makes it harder to identify and fix the deep-seated problems in our schools,” the groups said.

IRS issues billions in bogus tuition tax credits, report says (AP): The IRS’ inspector general says the agency distributed $5.6 billion in unwarranted tax credits for tuition in 2012.

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