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International tests show persistent gender gaps in student achievement (The Washington Post): A new report based on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has found that 15-year-old girls are more likely to be high achievers than their male peers, an observation that holds up across several countries. Among the highest achievers, however, researchers found that boys outperformed girls and that girls had less confidence in math.

Howard University offers tuition rebate to students who graduate on time (CNN Money): Starting next year, the school says it will waive half the cost of students’ final semesters if they graduate on time. Howard University is a historically black college located in Washington, D.C.

House votes to remove universities’ tuition-setting authority (AP): A measure that would revoke a 2011 law that gave state colleges and universities the authority to set their own tuition rates is on its way to the Senate after the House passed it unanimously.

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