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Inside the college admissions process (The Chronicle of Higher Education): The University of Evansville in Indiana shared the numbers behind each step of admitting its 2014 freshman class. The university began by reaching out to 150,000 potential applicants and spent close to $1 million to eventually enroll 532 students.

Eugene school board adopts new transgender policies (AP): The school board in Eugene, Ore., voted unanimously to adopt new policies and staff training related to transgender students. The guidelines will call for teachers to ask students what pronoun they should use to address them and for the district to provide gender-neutral restrooms in new buildings, among other changes.

NYC students turn classroom closet into archaeological dig (The New York Times): Fourth graders at a 100-year-old school in New York City’s East Village have uncovered decades-old coins and other artifacts from the closet in their classroom.

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