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Highline says it won’t be double-shifting anytime soon: Officials with Highline Public Schools had talked about the possibility of sending students to school in shifts prior to the failure of a Feb. 10 bond vote, but they now say the switch will not happen anytime soon. “It’s definitely a possibility,” said Bernie Dorsey, president of the school board. “But that’s not one I would expect next school year.”

Seattle U ordered to count votes regarding adjunct union: The local office of a national labor board has ordered that votes be counted in a stalled election that would determine whether adjunct faculty at Seattle University should form a union. Last week, hundreds of faculty members and students walked out of campus as part of a national effort to protest adjuncts’ working conditions.

Weighing the benefits and costs of prestigious private universities (The Wall Street Journal): A high-school senior from Olympia was one of three people who took part in an email discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of high-profile private colleges that was hosted by The Wall Street Journal.

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