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Higher-ed bills still alive in Olympia (AP): We’re halfway through Washington’s 105-day Legislative session, and just three bills have made it through both chambers. Among the education proposals still alive: a Senate bill to lower college tuition that is awaiting consideration from the House, and a pair of identical bills from each chamber paving the way for Washington State University to build a new medical school in Spokane.

Washington teens say pot is easy to get but use remains stable (AP): Two-thirds of 12th graders in Washington say marijuana is easy or very easy to get, according to a recent survey or more than 200,000 middle- and high-school students from across the state. Even so, marijuana use among respondents remained stable since the survey was conducted two years ago, and usage of alcohol and other drugs went down.

Lawmakers want to link teacher pay to location (KING 5): Basing teacher pay on the region they live in is one plan lawmakers are considering to fulfill their court order on school funding.

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