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‘Hero’ teacher tackles shooter at North Thurston High School (AP): A teacher at North Thurston High School in Lacey is being called a hero after he reportedly tackled a student who fired two shots into the air in the school commons area. The alleged shooter was taken into police custody; there were no injuries.

Even mediocre students benefit from attending a four-year school (The New York Times): A pair of studies that tracked thousands of people in Georgia and Florida found graduates of four colleges had significantly lower unemployment rates and higher incomes than their counterparts who either started at a two-year school or did not attend college at all. The findings held true when comparing students who matched a similar academic profile in high school.

Thousands attend rally supporting teachers: A rally at the state capitol in Olympia on Saturday drew more than 4,000 teachers and their supporters. The Legislature has adjourned its regular session but will begin a special session on Tuesday.

Should college students be able to fire their professors? (NPR): A state bill in Iowa that would base college professors’ performance reviews solely on student evaluations is attracting national attention.

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