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GOP budget proposal includes $1.3 billion for education, no new taxes: Senate Republican leaders on Tuesday released a new budget plan for the next biennium that would cover the state’s court-mandated obligation to fund education without raising taxes. The proposal is a sharp contrast to a plan issued by Democrats that calls for┬áraising part of┬áthe state business-and-occupation tax and instituting a new 5 percent tax on some capital gains.

WSU study: 1 in 5 college students has ‘exploding head syndrome’: “Exploding head syndrome” is a psychological condition where people abruptly wake up from sleeping after hearing loud, imaginary noises or explosions. A study at Washington State University found about 18 percent of the 211 students they interviewed had experienced symptoms linked to the disorder.

Researcher: Teacher turnover costs schools billions each year (NPR): University of Pennsylvania professor Richard Ingersoll researches teacher retention and says turnover costs districts more than $2.2 billion annually.

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