From 90 questions, we chose five for you to choose from-- and we're answering the question with the most votes.

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Updated 4/5/16: The tally is in and Eric Swenson’s question about charter schools is the winner. The question is: “What exactly are the factors that prevent public schools from doing what charter schools do? Why not just change those factors instead of adding charter schools?” So I’ll begin reporting on what prevents public schools from doing what charter schools do. Have suggestions about who I should talk to? E-mail me at or call me at 206-459-1931.

After sifting through more than 90 reader questions about education in Washington state, we’ve chosen five for you to vote on.

A reminder about how this works:  We launched Education Lab IQ (short for Interesting Questions) a few months ago to find out what you are curious about when it comes to education in Washington. The question that received the most votes in the first round was “What does it mean to fully fund education?

Now, we’re asking you to choose the next question we’ll answer.

And if reading the questions below inspires more great questions, remember that you can always submit your questions here for the round 3 of Education Lab IQ.