An online math game aims to teach students the concepts of algebra in just two hours.

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Can students learn basic algebra concepts in just two hours if those concepts are presented as a fun, interactive game?

That’s the idea behind the Story Problem Challenge, an online, interactive game that starts Monday and is offered for free by the University of Washington’s Center for Game Science.

The challenge is designed to build enthusiasm for math, and to teach pre-algebra concepts to all students. The online challenge walks students through short games that allow them to explore math concepts step-by-step, building comprehension as they go.

The program offers short tutorials, followed by a series of math problems that ask the student to try to use what they’ve learned to solve a problem. The teacher has control of a dashboard-like view of his or her students, and can tell which ones are getting stuck. ¬†When students reach mastery of a concept, they move on to the next level.

The challenge runs for a week. Here’s the link, including instructions on how to sign up.