The Lake Washington School District will debut portable classrooms that are considered more environmentally-friendly.

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Some students in the Lake Washington School District will return to school next week to new, portable “green” classrooms.

Lake Washington is opening 13 new Smart Academic Green Environment (SAGE) classrooms, becoming the second school district in Washington, after Edmonds, to purchase them. The rooms’ designs provide four times more natural light, fresh air and 150 percent more air circulation than traditional portable classrooms, according to the SAGE classroom project.

The classrooms will help accommodate the district’s growing student population, which increased by more than 10 percent in the past five years.

“We are bursting at the seams,” Lake Washington Director of Student Services Forrest Miller said. “The greatest need is a place for students to learn. And we want students to have spaces they can learn well in.”

The SAGE classrooms take a third less time to build than a standard portable classroom. The buildings also sit closer to the ground, so there are fewer costs associated with constructing a foundation, stairs and ramps, according to the classroom project. The exact price of each room varies, but a SAGE classroom, on average, costs about twice as much as a standard portable.

Edmonds debuted its SAGE classrooms last year and will add 18 more rooms to its campuses for the upcoming school year. Lake Washington plans to order six more for the 2016-17 school year.

Other companies in the area make green classrooms, too, including the SEEDcollaborative.

SAGE is a combined effort of Portland State University’s School of Architecture and Maseesh College of Engineering, Pacific Mobile Structures and Blazer Industries.