An initiative called Graduate! Highline aims to increase Highline’s graduation rate to 95 percent next year.

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By spring 2017, Highline Public Schools is aiming for a graduation rate of 95 percent. That’s an ambitious goal for any district; only eight across the state reached that level this past year.

And for Highline, it would be a big jump, given that the graduation rate for the class of 2015 was 70.3 percent. Still, that was much better than 2014, when 63 percent of the students graduated.

A community initiative called Graduate! Highline aims to help the district reach the 95 percent goal. The Highline School Board endorsed the initiative this past week.

The initiative stresses that all members of the community should play a part in ensuring student success, whether it be parents helping their children learn to read or business leaders offering internships to high-school seniors.

“We are deeply committed to our graduation goal, and we recognize it will take the entire community to make it happen,” Highline Superintendent Susan Enfield said in a news release.

Graduate! Highline was inspired by a similar initiative in Tacoma. In 2010, 55 percent of Tacoma seniors graduated. Two years later, the Tacoma School Board set a goal of 85 percent by 2020. Since then, the rate has steadily risen. The class of 2015’s graduation rate was 82.6 percent.

Highline community members who are interested in helping can fill out a form on the Graduate! Highline website to receive more information about the district and community efforts.

Across the state, about 78 percent of students in the class of 2015 graduated within four years, according to state data. The eight districts that reached or surpassed a 95 percent graduation rate all had less than 500 students in their graduating classes.