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Dear Education Lab readers,

First, thanks for your support.  We’re proud of what we’ve produced in our first three years, as we’ve worked to bring you compelling stories about how educators and others are tackling the most difficult problems in education.  As Education Lab enters its fourth year, we plan to bring you more in-depth stories on subjects such as school discipline, social-emotional learning and school funding.  And we will continue publishing guest essays from students and others, answer your questions in our  Education Lab IQ project, and sponsor events such as Ignite Education Lab.

To help us do all that, we’d like a few minutes of your time to fill out a short survey aimed at helping us understand a little more about you and how we can serve you better. Your answers and identity will be kept confidential, although we will share what we learn in broad strokes.   (And, if you want, you can separately opt into a lottery for three $50 gift cards to local restaurants.)

Thanks again for your support and interest in Education Lab.  You also can reach us anytime at