The results are in from our week-long poll on what questions you want us to answer about education funding in Washington. Here are your picks.

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Many thanks to the curious cohort of Education Lab readers (about 267 people) who helped us narrow the topics we’ll cover in this round of Education Lab IQ, short for “Interesting Questions.”

To help you get prepped for the next legislative session, where education finance will be the major agenda item, we asked for questions about how schools are funded in Washington.

Here are the ones that received the most votes:

  1. How long did it take to get this far behind in school funding and how did it happen? — submitted by Bill Bliss, with 75 votes
  2. How much does standardized testing cost taxpayers at the state level? How much does Seattle Public Schools spend per student on testing? What are hidden costs of standardized testing at the school level-impacts on staffing, technology, instructional time, etc.? — submitted by Sandy Hunt, with 55 votes
  3. Under the McCleary decision, will school districts that now raise a lot from their local taxpayers have to give up some of those dollars to provide for districts with fewer resources? — submitted by Hilary Benson, with 40 votes

We’re still working out which reporters will tackle each question, but we’ll keep you updated along the way. Follow our Twitter (which just got verified!) for the fastest updates on Education Lab projects.