Every day, the Seattle Times’ Education Lab brings you rigorous reporting about innovations in education and strategies for achieving educational equity. Now, we want to take you inside those stories and let you speak directly with people on the front lines of supporting young people during the coronavirus pandemic. We also want to help you as you figure out schooling for the students in your lives during the coronavirus closures.

Take a short break from your day and join us for 15-minute-long conversations with educators, service providers, young people and others who are navigating the new world of education. Here’s the current lineup:

Thursday, May 21, at 1:00 p.m.— With school buildings closed and the uncertainty of what districts will do in the fall, some families are considering enrolling their kids in virtual schools. In this session of Ed Lab Live, we speak with reporter Hannah Furfaro, whose recent article explored what parents should consider when taking the leap. She’ll answer your questions during this extended session of Ed Lab Live. Please follow this link to register.

Friday, May 22, at 9:30 a.m.— The ultimate goal of the foster care system is to safely reunite children with their families. Part of what makes that possible is parents and children spending time together to strengthen their bonds. But the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on in-person visitation are making that very difficult. Join a conversation with public defender Tara Urs, who represents parents working toward reunification, about how the pandemic is affecting families involved with foster care. Please follow this link to register.