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Mindshift Guide to Understanding Dyslexia

This series of articles dives into why understanding dyslexia is important, how to recognize it, and how to help kids who have it. Holly Korbey explains that it’s not a disease — brains with dyslexia are just organized differently.

An Obama-era program for desegregating schools was defunded, then…

At the end of President Obama’s second term, the administration put $12 million toward desegregating schools. Cities across the nation applied for the money. Then the Trump administration eliminated the program. Chalkbeat explores both administrations’ reasoning and what happened next. 

Garfield High students address Seattle’s superintendent

In the ongoing debate over what Seattle Public Schools should do with the Highly Capable Cohort, the editorial board of the Garfield Messenger addresses the superintendent directly: “Stop using outdated terms like “Apartheid High” to talk about our school and listen to us instead.” A couple of months ago, a different Garfield student weighed in on the debate in response to a Seattle Times opinion piece. (Our reporter Dahlia Bazzaz gives the latest news update here.)