Let’s face it: I’m an audio person. The sound of the human voice can take you places that the written word can’t. That means “What Education Lab is reading” is going to include radio stories and podcasts, too. So, connect to your speakers or headphones and tune in to some great educational insights. Want this list of educational reporting in your inbox first? Subscribe to our newsletter here.

School Colors

This podcast delves into “how race, class, and power shape American cities and schools” by examining a school district in “a rapidly changing Black neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.” The show’s two hosts are Mark Winston Griffith, a third-generation resident of the area who is Black, and Max Freedman, a self-identified white gentrifier. The eight episodes go deep into the past and the present to talk about issues that affect people in Brooklyn and far beyond.

The coronavirus and media literacy

Yes, the new coronavirus outbreak is bad. And it’s hurting many communities and segments of the global economy. But because of the panicked rumors that have spread about the outbreak, you can use it as a tool for teaching your kids about media literacy. This NBC article delves into different age-appropriate ways to talk about the virus. Your kids are learning about it. Make sure they know the facts, not the hyperbole. 

Resources for building culturally responsive classrooms

This Getting Smart article lays out different tools for creating culturally and linguistically responsive classrooms. The writer says that means teachers change their approach to lesson planning and creating cultural norms to focus on students and their identities. “When [teachers] integrate and amplify diverse contexts and approaches in the learning environment, they help students build and bridge toward academic achievement.”