Instead of exploring education news from around the country, we’re reacquainting ourselves with the reporting Neal Morton has already done about the Geelong Project, an Australian approach to preventing youth homelessness and keeping kids in school. Want a heads-up about these articles sooner rather than later? Subscribe to our newsletter here.

In the beginning …

We first reported on this issue back in December 2018. In response to rising youth homelessness across the Puget Sound region, local school districts were just starting to consider importing the program that reduced the number of students entering the homeless system by 40% in Geelong, an Australian city about an hour southwest of Melbourne.

You asked, we answered

Before heading to Australia, Neal put out a call for questions and readers didn’t disappoint. You all wanted to know things like what students thought about answering surveys with very personal questions and what supports the program offered families. Here’s the first batch of answers.

Yeah, that all sounds great and all, but what does it cost?

Ah, the money question. Is the project covered by grants? Taxes? Here, Neal breaks it all down.

These articles break down some of the details of how the project works. On Sunday, Neal Morton, Lauren Frohne, Hilary Fung and Ellen M. Banner will take you to Geelong so you can (virtually) experience it yourselves.