A new school year is beginning for Washington state students over the next few weeks. Some students will head back into the classroom; some will start online; others will have a hybrid schedule of in-person and virtual instruction.

But one thing is clear: After the unexpected emergency school closures in the spring, all students, and the teachers who guide them, will need to make adjustments as they meet a school year with higher expectations.

While education officials say they’re learning from what worked — and what didn’t — during the spring, key issues remain unresolved. There are still questions about access to reliable internet, particularly for people who live in rural areas; how to catch up on units that students may not have fully absorbed; and health concerns, particularly for older teachers and other district employees who are vulnerable to the symptoms of the virus.

And with districts choosing different paths forward, creating a spectrum of back-to-school plans across the map, we’re seeking to cover the new year as comprehensively as possible.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for students, teachers and parents to share with us dispatches from your experiences throughout the first week of school.

Each day, send an email to educationlab@seattletimes.com with about 100 words about how that day turned out. What went well? What challenges did you face? What are your concerns? How are you feeling?

We’ll take in your responses and post some among our school updates. At the end of the week, we’re hoping to gather a clearer picture of how the return to school is shaping up. We’ll look for trends and identify additional areas for reporting.

Most importantly, we’ll hear from you about what your experience in the classroom or at home looks like.

Questions? Email us at educationlab@seattletimes.com.