Kirkland-based Clearwire, Craig McCaw's new entrepreneurial venture, said late last month that it launched its wireless broadband service...

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Kirkland-based Clearwire, Craig McCaw’s new entrepreneurial venture, said late last month that it launched its wireless broadband service in Bellingham. What the company didn’t say was where else the service was available.

A coverage map reveals that the wireless service, an early form of WiMax, also reaches Lynden and Ferndale in Whatcom County, and even some coastal locations like Anacortes and Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

The coverage map, however, does not reach far enough west to see if Clearwire was offered on James Island — McCaw’s personal vacation destination spot he purchased for $19 million in 1994, the same year McCaw Cellular Communications, the company he started, was sold to AT&T for $11.5 billion.

Jabber, jabber

JibJab Media, which creates short animated films parodying the U.S. political scene, launched its latest content on MSN Video last week.

The company’s next five animated shorts will air exclusively on both MSN Video and

The deal did not include mobile-phone content because JibJab has an exclusive partnership with another Seattle-based company that prohibited it.

Video watch

More than 94 million U.S. consumers — or 56 percent of the country’s Internet population — viewed streaming video in June.

Source: comScore Networks

Mobliss, owned by Japan-based Index, announced that it had the exclusive right to produce JibJab content for mobile phones in January. The company, best known for providing the cellphone text-voting services behind “American Idol,” said the content would be part of a channel called Thumbdance.

Dating duos said last week that it’s testing a new service called in Seattle.

The service is supposed to produce better results because it uses personality assessments and techniques to get people to meet in person faster.

Four hours after sent out its news release, Yahoo!’s finely tuned PR machine spit out a release in response. “You may have noticed today launched, a site for singles looking for long term partners,” the e-mail said.

Almost a year ago, Yahoo! said, it launched a similar product using “qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research” called Yahoo! Personals Premier.

If finding the right person wasn’t hard enough, now finding the right dating service is, too.


After Microsoft last week announced an agreement with Nigeria to crack down on the country’s notorious e-mail scam artists, we had to find the real story. That led us to this e-mail, purportedly found on the computer of a minor government official.

“Dear Sir, I am an emissary of the esteemed billionaire Sir Bill Gates of Redmond, Washington, who requires your urgent attention. His situation is jeopardized by the unfortunate misbehavior of certain enterprising frauds in your beloved country. With enticing but fraudulent cash schemes they offer by e-mail, they have stolen millions from consumers around the world, eroding their trust in the computerized world Mr. Gates has worked so hard to develop.

“For your country to participate in the great High Tech economic opportunity I am presenting on Mr. Gates’ behalf, we require a small investment by your government to combat the counterfeiting schemes that have run amok in your Internet cafes. After receiving your commitment, Mr. Gates will then provide a large contribution to your enforcement efforts, along with software training that you may consider seed money for your glorious future.

“Please wire your response promptly as Mr. Gates urgently needs your assistance with his predicament.”

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