A chance meeting with a Wachovia Bank executive introduced Andy Nino to the banking world. Now, Nino is the branch manager at a Marshall...

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A chance meeting with a Wachovia Bank executive introduced Andy Nino to the banking world. Now, Nino is the branch manager at a Marshall & Ilsley Bank in Indianapolis. He had worked in retail and longed for more steady hours that would give him more family time.

“Banking today isn’t what it was 15 or 20 years ago,” Nino said. “Today it truly is a retail environment. It’s about being able to reach out to your community [with] your sales ability.”

Nino has one of the top 25 Most Wanted U.S. occupations, according to Jobfox, a job search engine. Also among the top jobs are positions for administrative assistants, product managers, advertising account executives and business analysts.

Here’s what it takes to get such a job:

Administrative assistant

Assists executive staff. May answer executive staff phones, prepare correspondence, prepare and review operating, financial and statistical reports such as payroll and attendance records. Maintains budget information, issues and interprets operating policies, reviews and answers correspondence. Should be outgoing and friendly, a problem-solver and able to work alone or in a team.

Training: On the job. Associate or bachelor’s degree may be required.

Average pay: $36,879.

Product manager

Directs and administers planning and development functions to improve existing or new products, processes and services. May negotiate contracts, prepare reports and recommend addition, expansion or end of projects. May also be responsible for recruiting, hiring and training staff. Should be a problem-solver, able to work independently or in a team.

Training: Bachelor’s degree. Project-management professional certification available.

Average pay: $93,673.

Business analyst

Oversees design and improvement of computer-based business systems. Evaluates current systems and develops new ones to improve production or work flow. Helps determine the most useful and cost-effective business solutions. Works with senior managers to identify and solve problems. Should be tech-savvy and have excellent communication skills.

Training: Bachelor’s in information technology, finance, computer science, mathematics or business economics.

Average pay: $62,902.

Bank branch manager

Oversees all branch-office duties and provides customer service. May act as a teller when needed. May approve loans and lines of credit and represent the bank in the community. Responsible for team-leading, business development and client management. “You have to question the means of a financial deposit or withdrawal to protect our customers and the bank, financially,” said Nino, of Marshall & Ilsley. Should be outgoing and able to lead.

Training: Bachelor’s degree.

Average pay: $84,523.

Advertising account executive

Most work for advertising agencies, others for companies with in-house ad departments. Responsible for promoting, planning, developing, coordinating and directing advertising campaigns within a client’s requirements and budget. Oversees the research, copywriting, layout of artwork and promotional items for campaign. Should have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Training: Bachelor’s degree.

Average pay: $46,237.