If you are a WaMu depositor, your new bank is JPMorgan Chase and your money is safe.

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What happens if I’m a WaMu …

Depositor: Your new bank is JPMorgan Chase, and your money is safe. Deposit interest rates and account numbers might change, but it could take months. Banks typically give plenty of notice about such changes.

Borrower: Your new lender is JPMorgan Chase. Continue to make payments as usual.

Stockholder: JPMorgan Chase bought WaMu from the FDIC, not from its shareholders. When a bank fails, shareholders are the last to be paid; they will receive nothing.

Employee: Branch employees could be the safest, because there is so little overlap between the banks’ branches. Headquarters employees are not as secure, because JPMorgan already has many of those functions. It’s too soon to know how many of those jobs will be lost.