Dreamweaver, made by Macromedia, is an application for designing Web sites. So is FrontPage from Microsoft. These applications, among others...

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Dreamweaver, made by Macromedia, is an application for designing Web sites. So is FrontPage from Microsoft.

These applications, among others, are primarily used by professional Web-site developers, so they require a good deal of knowledge to be effectively used.

If you don’t want to take the time to learn how to use these programs, chances are you’ll hire a Web designer to do the work for you.

But what I’d like to focus on here is the maintenance of your Web site. After it’s done, you’ll probably need to update the text or change some of the images from time to time. Instead of paying someone to keep making those changes for you, I have a way that will let you do it yourself and you don’t need to buy any software to do it.

Edit.com is a Web site that has been designed as an alternative solution to your maintenance requirements. Through its do-it-yourself process, you can easily change things like text, formatting, images, links and more.

Of course, you’ll probably still need the services of your developer for more extensive modifications, but with Edit.com you’ll be able to make simple, everyday changes whenever the need arises.

The Web site is a service to which you subscribe. The initial process requires you to register your Web site’s address with Edit.com, which can be done online. After registration, Edit.com will require access to your Web site so that it can add a few lines of invisible HTML code.

HTML is the programming language used to create a Web site. After the code is added, you’re all set. Just log in from any location, and a special password gives you the special editing features you’ll need to make any changes.

Best of all, you do not need to know anything about HTML programming to make changes to your Web site.

Once you log in, you basically see your live Web site as it normally appears. But now you can make changes in much the same way as you would edit a word-processing document.

An editing toolbar appears above your live pages. Just click on the “Edit mode” checkbox and you can directly edit the Web page. You can add and delete text, drag and highlight any portion and apply styling such as bold and italic.

When the changes appear exactly like you intend, you simply click the save icon, and the changes are immediately applied. Graphic images can be added or repositioned by just dragging them to the desired area. Again you get to preview the entire page before saving it.

Edit.com requires a monthly fee as it is a continuing service that supplies technical support with any problems you may have. The company offers a “pay as you go” service plan starting at $25 or an unlimited editing plan at $15 per month. There is a $75 one-time fee if you choose their full service setup.

Edit.com is not for someone who is looking to have a Web site designed from scratch. That’s what Dreamweaver and FrontPage are for.

But if you find yourself wanting to make frequent changes, then you probably know that your Web site designer’s fees can be expensive. Plus a designer may not always be available at the drop of a hat to make those minor alterations for you.

If you ever find yourself wishing that you could just do it yourself, with something like Edit.com you can now make those changes yourself and do it for a lot less money. Granted, you’re going to keep your developer on tap when the need arises for complex design alterations. But for simple editing jobs, you may find that something like Edit.com offers a viable alternative.