Starting on Friday, Uber is going to try to make it easier for temporary workers to find work with companies that are, well, looking for temporary workers.

Uber intends to do this through a new app it is launching called Uber Works. The company will initially offer the app and service in Chicago, and has plans to expand to other cities, but didn’t say when it will bring Uber Works to other metropolitan areas. Uber said it is working with staffing agencies such as TrueBlue for the handling of worker employment, pay benefits.

The concept of Uber Works is pretty straightforward. People download the app, check out job listings, and, like Uber drivers claiming potential rides, select the jobs and shift times they want. Everything is on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We believe a new, technology-first approach can provide faster and easier means for people to get work, while offering greater insight into the many opportunities for work that are out there–improving the experience for workers and businesses alike,” Uber said in a blog post announcing the launch of Uber Works.

The focus of Uber Works is on hourly, shift work. But, if, say, you are an attorney or a consultant looking to get in on a high-paying side hustle, think again.

Uber highlights that the types of work Uber Works will focus upon include general labor, such as moving and event setup, warehouse work, back-of-the-house restaurant jobs like dishwashers and prep cooks, restaurant and bar waitstaff, customer service and cleaning work.

The launch of Uber Works comes shortly after California passed a new law designed to provide Uber drivers, and other so-called gig-economy workers with traditional employee benefits such as a minimum wage and health insurance.