You're surfing the Internet at blazing speeds, gathering information, locating products and services, buying and selling, rocking and rolling...

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You’re surfing the Internet at blazing speeds, gathering information, locating products and services, buying and selling, rocking and rolling and all of a sudden it all comes to a screeching halt. You’ve just surfed into … The Form Page Zone.

Those seemingly endless fill-in-the-form pages asking you to type in the same information about yourself over and over can really ruin your surfing day. Before you can proceed, they make you stop and type in your first name, then your last name, then your address, then your ZIP code and on and on it goes until it drives you insane. Granted that today’s modern browsers offer some kind of automation when it comes to filling in forms. But even the best of them can only perform some of the most rudimentary fill-in-the-form processing. What you need is a utility that has been specifically designed from the ground up to manage and process all of your online forms and handle your passwords, too.

After you’ve created a few passwords, you tend to forget them unless you use the same one everywhere you go, which is really a very bad thing to do. And writing them down can be just as risky.

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Enter RoboForm. The aptly named utility does exactly what it says it will do. RoboForm ( will automatically fill in any form it comes across, typing the correct information within the proper field in any form page you access.

RoboForm remembers relevant data when you visit a Web site for the first time so when you visit it again, the data will automatically be filled in. And for many first-time accessed pages, RoboForm can still accurately determine much of what goes into which field based upon what each individual field in a form is asking

But what if you need to do all of this on someone else’s computer? Siber Systems, the publisher of RoboForm, has got you covered there as well with its RoboForm Portable or Pass2Go.

Using an ordinary USB Flash Drive, all of your sensitive data, including all of your online passwords, are encrypted and stored within one of these devices. Normally a Flash Drive plugs into an available USB port and acts like a small hard drive.

But with Pass2Go, the Flash Drive acts more like a key. Just plug it into any computer’s USB port and all of your RoboForm data is instantly transferred to that computer’s Internet browser.

Now when you surf to a form page everything about you is instantly entered, including information such as your name, credit-card numbers and passwords.

When you are finished using that computer, all you need do is remove the Flash Drive from the USB port. Once done, not one single item about you will remain on the computer. All of your personal data, passwords and identities are instantly removed and surfing over to any forms page will leave it totally uncompleted.

Pass2Go gives you complete security, absolute portability and the very same automation that you’ll become used to when surfing on your own personal computer using RoboForm.

I’m still amazed on how accurately RoboForm does its job. Sometimes I’ll come across a Web site form so convoluted that I’ll think that no way will it do an accurate job. So far, that hasn’t happened. If there is any ambiguity, RoboForm gives me the opportunity to clarify. And the next time I come back, it’s got the entry down rock-solid.

If having to fill in form page after form page makes you feel like an automaton doing the same things over and over again, then you’ll quickly discover how much better it is having automated form-filling utilities such as RoboForm and Pass2Go. Free 30-day unlimited trial versions are available for download. See the Web site for pricing information.

Now you can let your PC be all the robot you never wanted to be.