Research In Motion today is introducing its first major new BlackBerry model in more than a year. The high-end Bold further demonstrates...

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Research In Motion today is introducing its first major new BlackBerry model in more than a year. The high-end Bold further demonstrates RIM’s desire to make tools for both work and play.

The Bold, or 9000, has twice the screen resolution of the current Curve model, matching that of the iPhone.

No price is being announced, nor are agreements with specific carriers. The phone will be available from various carriers this summer.

The initial model would support GSM networks, those used by AT&T and T-Mobile USA. Later models could work with Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless.


United deal near with US Airways?

United Airlines is closing in on a merger with US Airways, people close to the talks say, with the combined carrier to be headquartered in Chicago, United’s base.

United executives aren’t expected to run the carrier, which would be the nation’s second largest. Top duties are likely to be assumed by US Airways CEO Doug Parker and President Scott Kirby, said people close to the Phoenix-based carrier.

Others caution the management makeup and other issues have yet to be sorted out and that an announcement isn’t imminent.

Personal finance

Study finds savers mess up 401(k)s

Many employees are not doing a good job of managing their company-sponsored 401(k) accounts, a new study indicates.

The analysis of nearly 1 million retirement portfolios found that 69 percent have inappropriate risk or diversification of holdings, and 36 percent have worrisome concentrations of company stock.

In addition, one-third of savers aren’t putting enough aside to qualify for the full company match.

The problems are especially pronounced among young and low-paid workers, according to the study by Palo Alto, Calif.-based Financial Engines.

Experts urge savers to hold no more than 10 percent to 15 percent of their accounts in company stock.


Australian mills, forests to be sold

Federal Way-based Weyerhaeuser plans to sell forests and sawmills in Australia amid mounting losses in the U.S. housing markets.

Carter Holt Harvey, based in Auckland, New Zealand, signed a letter of intent to buy the company’s Pine Solutions Australia and Weyerhaeuser Australia units as well as the manufacturing arm of Green Triangle Forest Products.

A half-share in 49,400 acres of forest may be sold to Global Forest Partners as part of the same transaction, Weyerhaeuser said.

No price was disclosed.


Cablevision buying Newsday

Cablevision Systems late Sunday finalized a deal for control of Newsday, Tribune Co.’s Long Island, N.Y., newspaper, in a transaction worth $650 million.

Cablevision will hold 97 percent of the equity in a joint venture with Tribune Co.

Tribune Co. will get $612 million in cash, 3 percent of equity in the new partnership worth $20 million and $18 million in prepaid rent on major real estate it will retain, including Newsday’s headquarters and printing plant.

News Corp. said Saturday it was pulling its $580 million offer for Newsday.

Cablevision is a cable-television, communications, sports and entertainment conglomerate.

Compiled from Bloomberg News, the Chicago Tribune and The Associated Press