The Seattle startup is looking to make and sell smart products for the home and for personal health.

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What: TikTeck, a Seattle startup that makes smart devices for your home.


Who: Founder and CEO Rex Chen.


A head start:Chen and three members of his team tried to launch a new company a couple of years ago, but found it difficult to put together all the necessary resources.


Different approach: On this go-round, the team bought out the North American operations, including product development and marketing, of a company called Adition to form TikTeck. “We have some existing technologies we inherited from the last company,” said Chen, who used to be CEO of Adition. TikTeck is the company’s brand name, and the organization behind it is called Keeproduct.


Smart — and cheaper: The startup’s first product was a light bulb managed from your phone. The bulb costs $9.99, far below the standard for smart light bulbs. That’s TikTeck’s goal — to undercut the larger smart-home companies by controlling its own manufacturing and selling directly to consumers online.


Home and health: TikTeck, which launched three months ago and debuted its first product in January at the CES show in Las Vegas, plans to focus its products on the home and personal health. It plans to make “smart” products such as sensors and security-monitoring devices, as well as wearables for health tracking.


The future: robots: Chen said robots are key to home automation’s future, with the ability to sense changes, say, in gas levels or house temperatures much faster than humans can. TikTeck is developing two robots now. One that’s small and looks like a camera on wheels will move around the home with small sensors. The other is about 3-½-feet-tall and has a place to mount a tablet. It can see, talk and listen to people. The robots are expected to be for sale in the second half of the year.


Seattle and Shenzhen: Chen is the only team member in Seattle, though that could change as the company grows. The rest of the 10-person team works in Shenzhen, China, and in Palo Alto, Calif. TikTeck is self-funded.

— Rachel Lerman