Start-up converts desktop websites to mobile sites.

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Who: Madison Miner, founder and CEO of WompMobile, which converts desktop websites to mobile sites.


Timing is everything:On Feb. 26, Google announced an update to its search-engine algorithm that, as of April 21, gives mobile-friendly sites higher priority in Google search results on mobile devices. According to Miner, the change caused as much as a 50 percent decrease in some of their then-future clients’ site traffic. “We’ve just been flooded with business ever since,” he says.

The company has raised a six-figure total over two rounds of investing, including investments from individuals in the Bellingham Angels group. WompMobile also grew from three to 11 employees in the past six months; Miner attributes the increase to business growth and adding marketing, sales and other operations.

Recipe for success: After consultations with clients, WompMobile uses its proprietary, patent-pending platform to build a custom mobile template that automatically syncs with a client’s desktop site. WompMobile also offers a support system that includes phone and email support. After revisions, the client gets a single line of code that, once pasted into a site’s code, makes WompMobile’s work go live. Altogether, Miner says, the process takes three to five weeks.

WompMobile’s history is one of engineering and snow. The platform originated from a free program that Miner, who has a software-engineering background, built about 2008. It made online snow reports for various Pacific Northwest mountains and ski resorts more accessible on mobile devices. Miner soon realized that the program would work for any website and, in 2010, WompMobile was born.

WompMobile has a money-back guarantee. Miner says of the approximately 2,000 sites it has converted, WompMobile has had to refund two clients.

“What we do is Google’s No. 1 recommended way to mobilize a website,” Miner says.

— Jason Axelrod