The popular Amazon-owned video website adds “social eating” to its catalog of video streams mostly populated by broadcasts of video-game competitions.

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Coming next to the Internet: videos of people eating.

Twitch, the popular video website best known as a portal for people to broadcast playing video games while chatting with fans, is adding a “Social Eating” category to its lineup of video streams.

Broadcasters on the service “will be able to socialize with their viewers over their favorite meals,” the company said in a press release. Amazon bought San Francisco-based Twitch for $1 billion in 2014.

Twitch says food consumption videos are popular among South Korean users of the site. Korea has been a trailblazer of other Internet age trends that later caught on elsewhere, including e-sports, or competitive video gaming.

A visit to the new Twitch section Friday morning showed a couple-dozen live streams in English. One broadcaster showed off placing a pizza order, waiting for delivery, and eating the pie. Another showed a guinea pig chowing down some greens. At one point, it had 58 viewers.