Q: My wife and I purchased new Dell laptops about a year ago. Mine is a Dell XPS and hers is a Dell Inspiron. Both run Windows 10 Professional. The resolutions on our computers are quite different. Hers is 1920 x 1080 while mine is 3840 x 2160. Many apps loaded on my XPS when opened run in miniature, while hers load and appear normal. I can fix the problem in most apps by going to the apps properties and then to the compatibility tab and changing DPI settings to “override” and “system.” But for some apps this is not effective.

I use Acronis True Image and when I load the operating system from a USB, for instance, everything is miniature and almost unreadable, so wonder if this is a BIOS rather than Windows issue. Is there an overall setting in Windows or in my BIOS that will fix this problem for all apps?

— Randy Phillips

A: Some programs, especially older ones, aren’t designed to scale to today’s higher-resolution displays. I’d check with Acronis and any other programs that you’re having trouble with to see if they have issues scaling to 3840 x 2160.

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Q: I was wondering why I am still getting notified by Windows Update since my desktop computer was not able to run Windows 10. It is a very old Dell computer with very little extra disk space and speed. I have tried to load the fixes but several of them always fail. I can’t tell why they fail. Should I be concerned? I thought Microsoft wasn’t supporting Windows 7 anymore. I am still running Office 2007 which is definitely out of date. But it works well for what I need.

— Mike Donovan

A: Yes, Windows 7 is no longer being supported. That means it is no longer being updated with new feature or security patches.


You’re getting notified by Windows Update because your operating system is out of date. And I expect that your old computer doesn’t have the disk space or other requirements for installing Windows 10.

Should you be concerned? I’d say yes. I wouldn’t be comfortable connecting a computer to the internet with an out-of-date operating system that isn’t receiving security updates.

Q: Can you please tell me how to convert files? I scanned some photos and they come out as PDF files. I wanted to crop and edit them and can find no way to do this anywhere, either in the printer or PC. I’ve looked everywhere and find nothing. The printer is an HP Photo 7155. The computer is an HP desktop with Windows 10.

— Maxine Davies, Lynnwood

A: When you scan photos or documents using HP all-in-ones, you can either save the images as JPEG or PDF files. JPEGs can be edited in programs such as Adobe Photoshop or the Photos program that is part of Windows. PDF files can be opened with Adobe Acrobat or compatible programs. If you save those scans as JPEG files, you can open those images in Windows’ Photo program and it offers a limited set of editing tools, including a cropping tool.