Q: I signed up for an Outlook Live email account after having a Yahoo account for more than 20 years. Everything worked OK at first, but I’m having some unusual email problems and I’ve been unable to find any answers or fixes no matter how many Microsoft knowledge base articles I read. Microsoft seems to have a lot of different Outlook problems that cause similar error messages.

Sometimes it refuses to allow me to send an email or attach a file, sometimes it won’t even allow me to save a draft of an email or open my Sent folder to check if an email was successfully sent. I’ve attached screenshots of messages I got while trying to send an email and attach a file earlier today in the hope that you might be able to point me in the right direction.

I use this account for personal and business email and the problem usually happens at the worst time, like when I need to get an email sent quickly.

— Rick Fague

A. First, how’s your internet connectivity? You might get that error message if your internet connection is interrupted.

If your connectivity is good, my suspicion turns to interference from your browser or, even more likely, an add-on or extension to your browser. I suggest temporarily disabling the add-ons to Firefox. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try a different browser.

And if the problem remains, another thought occurs to me. Are you using a virtual private network? I’ve found that a lot of Microsoft apps don’t like VPNs, which is a major shame since VPNs are increasingly necessary for secure online computing.

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Q: It occurs to me that there’s another answer to the recent question about why one of your readers gets a bounce message when he sends an email to his group. It may be that one of the members has a rule in his or her email to redirect emails from Ray to the bad address. If your suggestion doesn’t fix the problem then that’s probably the reason.


— Peter Durkee

A: Oooh. That would be a pretty nasty thing for a group member to do, if intentional. And a certainly inconvenient thing to do inadvertently. But you may be right.

To be honest, I haven’t been able to confirm that an email redirected from a recipient’s account to a bad address would result in an error message to the original sender. Perhaps one of the many knowledgeable readers of this column has more information and will respond. If so, I’ll update.

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Q: About a week ago, after a MS Office update, I attempted to print an email. When I went to File-Print I got this message on the screen: “Print Preview Not Available.”

Since then I’ve tried everything I can think of to restore the “print preview” to no avail. There are no viruses and no malware on my Dell machine. I’m using Windows 10 and Outlook 2016. In all other respects, the Outlook application works properly. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

— Craig Turi, Bellevue

A: The first thing to do when a program isn’t working as expected is to reboot the computer and relaunch the program.

If that doesn’t solve the problem I recommend that you try Microsoft’s repair tool for Office apps. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Outlook.