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Q: I received an email June 27 stating that my OneDrive account will be deleted on July 28 since it has been unused over the past 2 years. The email came from an unmonitored mailbox: email@mail.onedrive.

Is this real? I use my email account and do not want to lose it. Is OneDrive a separate account? Thank you for any information you can give me. I tried but never talked to a person. Shall I click the “Connect to OneDrive button” in the email?
— Eunice Nelson

A: Whatever you do, never click on a button or a link in a suspicious email. That can trigger a download of malware to your computer.

And you’re right to be suspicious. That email address is bogus. According to Microsoft, any email from the company will come from What’s more, OneDrive is a cloud storage service and not an email service.

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My advice is just to delete that email.

Q: With regard to your answer to a reader’s question in the May 25 column about his computer showing 100 percent disk usage at bootup, there’s another option to consider. I’ve seen the same thing on my (older) computer after startup. What appears to be going on is that one of the following processes is kicking in every time I come out of sleep mode: either Norton anti-virus scan of disk, or Google backup/sync. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to finish and then disk usage goes back to normal. Wish these programs would not kick in right at startup/coming out of sleep mode, since I’m starting up the computer to actually do something useful. And my guess is that they are using standard system calls, thus Task Manager shows “System” as the culprit, without tracing it back to the calling program. It’s a theory I haven’t proven yet. I hope that helps.
— Kevin Neher, Covington

A: Good point. In many cases, programs such as anti-virus apps are set to run on a schedule and if the computer is shut down and the program misses its scheduled performance it will detect that at bootup and will launch its routine. So, yes, if this is a recurring problem it would be wise to check anti-virus and backup programs to see if they are set to perform scheduled operations. In most cases, that setting can be changed.

Q: How do I ask, cajole, bribe or otherwise cause CenturyLink to extend faster internet options to my home in central Ballard? CenturyLink tech support is not knowledgeable about extending faster service. Yet at the corner of my street, about 250 feet away, are several new homes with brand-new CenturyLink hookups and options for 20, 40 or even 100 mbps internet service.
— Benson Shaw

A: According to CenturyLink, the company currently offers 1-gigabit service throughout Ballard, though the spokesperson did acknowledge that there may be “pockets” that can’t receive that service. The spokesperson suggested that you contact the CenturyLink retail store in Piper Village — 206-789-1132 — to get more information about service at your specific address.