Q: I upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 recently. It seemed to go smoothly, however, I have noticed a problem that I am not sure how to deal with. While using Windows 11, some icons and graphics do not appear on my screen. For example, when I go to pbs.org, there is supposed to be a magnifying glass icon in the upper portion of the page.

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Clicking on that icon is supposed to cause a search box to appear. That icon does not appear on my screen since I went to Windows 11, however, if I click on the blank spot where the icon should be, the search box does appear. Do you know what I should do to fix this problem?

Steve Danielson

A: I just accessed that page using a computer running Windows 11, and the search icon worked. My suspicion would turn to the driver for your graphics adapter. These often need to be updated after an update to the operating system.

To do that, open Device Manager and select Display Adapter. Double-click on your adapter, click on the Driver tab and then on the Update Driver button.

If that doesn’t work check with the adapter manufacturer directly about new drivers.



Q: As a non-tech person, I was intrigued by your answer in a recent Q&A about modems and routers. To be honest, I had to Google to find out the difference between them. I also have CenturyLink like the person that asked you the question. I use a CenturyLink modem/router C4000BG. We recently discontinued our satellite service for TV and are using a streaming service instead. For the most part, it works well, but we do get some occasional slow speeds and dropouts.

From your advice, it sounds to me we would be well served by using our own Wi-Fi router with our current modem. Do you concur with that and, if so, do you have a good recommendation? Also, when looking for information on the internet, I saw if you use your own router, you need to disable the router portion of my current modem/router. Is this correct and, if so, how is that done?

Karl D

A: Whether you’d be better off using your own Wi-Fi router depends on how it compares to the one in your CenturyLink device. I checked the specs on your CenturyLink device and it supports Wi-Fi 6, the latest standard.

If your other Wi-Fi router supports Wi-Fi 6 the only way I’d expect that you might get significantly better performance is if it has better antennas.

Yes, if you decide to use your other Wi-Fi router you’ll want to disable the one in your CenturyLink device. You’ll need to consult the manual for the exact steps for doing that.


Q: My Chromebook got its final feature and security update this past week, and I’m wondering what my options are. I’d rather not buy a new one. I use this to search, check email and play a few games. We use our desktop for any financial transactions/shopping.

I’ve read some information about CloudReady. Is that a safe option? Is it safe to check email on Chromebooks? Or will someone be able to hack into our system now?

Nanci J. Jensen

A: Yes, Chromebooks receive security and feature updates for only up to six and a half years. After that your device will still work but vulnerabilities won’t be patched so, yes, your device will be more at risk.

CloudReady — also owned by Google — is an option. It’s an operating system that can be run on Chromebooks and is regularly updated. I have, however, heard that it may not work well with newer Chromebooks, those manufactured in 2018 and later. Here’s a guide to setting up CloudReady on your Chromebook: https://www.ifixit.com/News/30282/how-to-get-updates-on-your-end-of-life-chromebook