The broadband provider had been rumored to be a major tenant in the new commercial development, which is replacing the Kirkland Parkplace complex.

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Broadband provider Wave confirmed Thursday that it is moving into Kirkland Urban, a big commercial development that will replace Kirkland’s Parkplace complex.

Wave has been a rumored tenant of the building since early this year when plans for Kirkland’s largest ever commercial development was taking shape.

Wave, which builds fiber optic infrastructure throughout the West Coast, is expected to occupy 88,000 square feet in one of the two eight-story towers. The company now has about 42,000 square feet in Kirkland, next to its future office.

Tableau, the Seattle business intelligence company, has signed a deal to anchor the other Kirkland Urban tower.

Wave’s 10-year lease gives it the option to grow beyond the initial three stories it will occupy, said CEO Steve Weed, who looks directly at construction of the new complex from his current office.

Wave has about 450 employees in Kirkland, and 1,300 total. Moving into the new tower means that Wave can keep its headquarters in Kirkland as it grows, rather than moving to a city with more commercial space, Weed said.

“We are outgrowing ourselves here,” Weed said.

The company now has more than 6,500 miles of fiber infrastructure throughout the West Coast.

Wave plans to move into its new office in summer of 2018.

The heavily funded company raised more than $1 billion in 2012 and $130 million last year to accelerate its buildout.