Concur CEO Steve Singh invested in the Seattle startup that strives to make a football helmet that reduces risk of concussions.

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Seattle football helmet startup Vicis has raised another $4 million from investors, including Concur CEO Steve Singh.

The 3-year-old company, co-founded by neurosurgeon Dr. Samuel Browd, UW mechanical engineering chair Per Reinhall and medical technology veteran Dave Marver, has raised $24 million in its lifetime.

Vicis was testing its helmets with the University of Washington and University of Oregon football teams earlier this year, but pulled the helmets this summer to make “refinements toward fit and comfort.” The college players are wearing traditional helmets this year.

Vicis will likely have talks with the UW team after this season ends about whether to use the helmets next season, a company spokesman said. The company has not released a timeline for when its $1,500 Zero1 helmet will be widely available.

Vicis helmets are designed to reduce the risk of concussion in athletes by acting like a car bumper. The helmets are meant to absorb the force of a tackle and protect the player’s head.

The company said 35 individual investors contributed to its latest funding round, including current and former NFL players and neurological and spine surgeons.