The University of Washington ranked No. 7 on a list from economic think tank Milken Institute that ranked U.S. universities’ commercialization efforts. That’s up from No. 24 in 2006, when the study was first released.

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The University of Washington received high marks this week in a study that ranks U.S. universities’ commercialization efforts.

UW ranked No. 7 on the list from economic think tank Milken Institute, up from No. 24 in 2006, when the study was first released.

The report recognizes universities that take research done within the school and license or patent it to launch startup companies.

UW rebranded its commercialization center to CoMotion in 2015 to focus on a broad range of research taking place, from the medical school to the computer science department and more.

CoMotion expanded into its third location just off campus last summer, to create a space geared to virtual and augmented reality startups. The division also has lab and office space in UW’s Fluke Hall and Startup Hall.

The Milken Institute report notes that UW spent $1.4 billion on research in 2015. The School of Medicine attracted half of federal research dollars flowing to the university in 2016.

CoMotion had a big impact in the tech industry: 27 percent of the startups in its labs were biotech or health care companies, and 26 percent were software and IT firms.

University of Utah took the top spot in the Milken Institute’s ranking.