The startup, which has roots in Denmark, helps businesses organize and display the data it collects so it can be more easily understood.

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What: Bellevue-based Time­Xtender, which develops software that makes sense of data

Who: Heine Krog Iversen, CEO

Security concerns: The company helps the information technology and business departments of companies share data. TimeXtender’s software takes into account compliance and security issues and displays the data for departments that can use it. “It can expose the relevant data with enough security and at the same time, let businesses have access to self-serve analytics,” Krog Iversen said.

Drilling for data: “Data is becoming the new oil,” Krog Iversen said. Companies need to access the information that various systems pick up, and TimeXtender brings it all into one place. TimeXtender works with Qlik to create easily understandable visualizations from the data.

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Software spinoff: Krog Iversen and his co-founders started TimeXtender while working at a consulting company in Denmark. The team saw their customers struggling to pull out data, and formed an early version of TimeXtender’s software in 2006. “We automate all the coding, all the tedious work that is not really adding any value,” he said.

Bellevue bound: About a year ago, TimeXtender set up dual headquarters, with one in Denmark and the other in Bellevue. The company has about 35 employees here and 35 in Denmark, and works with about 2,700 customers around the world.

No to Rose City: Krog Iversen originally considered setting up a headquarters in Portland, Ore., but chose the Puget Sound region because of its proximity to Microsoft. TimeXtender is funded by Krog Iversen and his family.

— Rachel Lerman