A study recently released by Google says that American teens are well aware of locally based brands like Amazon, Starbucks and Xbox. And they think they're pretty cool.

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Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Costco and Nordstrom are all major players in the Seattle region’s economy, generating billions of dollars of revenue and supporting thousands of jobs.

And American teens think that’s cool.

Sort of.

As part of a study recently released by Google called “It’s Lit: A Guide to What Teens Think Is Cool,” 1,100 teens aged 13 to 17 were asked what they thought of 122 brands. Among the Pacific Northwest-based brands represented were Nordstrom, Costco, Starbucks, Amazon, Nike and Microsoft (and Xbox).

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The companies were rated by two metrics: how cool the companies were perceived to be, and how aware the teens were of them.

Xbox topped the list for local companies in terms of coolness, followed by Nike and Amazon. Most of the brands were in the middle of the coolness chart.

With the exception of Nordstrom, all of the companies listed above had high visibility among the teens.

What does it all mean? Who knows. But the study points out that the 60 million teenagers in the U.S. account for about $44 billion in annual spending power, a number that could approach $200 billion when factoring in their influence on parental or household purchases.

You can read the entire study for yourself by following this link.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Tesla as a PNW brand.