Socedo develops software that crawls Twitter and other online public forums to identify potential business clients or customers for the user.

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What: Socedo, a Seattle social-media marketing company trying to improve on the cold-sales call.

What it does: Socedo’s software crawls Twitter to identify potential business clients, and reach out to people there. It then plugs the contact details of those who show interest into a company’s existing sales software. A salesperson can then follow up through more traditional means.

The claim: The roster of contacts burped out by that process, Socedo says, is more likely to lead to sales than cold outreach.

Co-founders: Aseem Badshah and Kevin Yu.

Tech pedigree: Both of Badshah’s parents worked at Microsoft. He launched his first startup during his first year at the University of Washington. That’s where he met Yu, a longtime Microsoft software engineer then earning a master’s degree in business at the UW. It was Yu’s fourth degree, earned from universities in the U.S. and China.

Fundraising: Socedo last week announced it had raised $1.5 million in funding, led by Seattle’s Divergent Ventures and Vulcan Capital, along with contributions from a group of angel investors in Seattle and San Francisco.

Staff: Thirteen people at offices in the Belltown neighborhood. Badshah says he hopes to use the cash from the funding to triple the company’s head count.

Social media rising: “Back in about 2010,” Badshah said, “I found myself consulting at Microsoft and somehow running their Facebook page — right when Facebook was coming out of (being) just for students. Social-media marketing was a burgeoning field. If Microsoft needed help, a lot of people would need help.”

First effort: Badshah and Yu founded Uptown Treehouse, a traditional social-media marketing firm. They wrote some software to help seek out and contact potential customers, unintentionally stumbling on the idea they would turn into a separate company in the form of Socedo.

— Matt Day