The Seattle startup is trying to reduce the paperwork in car or apartment rentals and other transactions.

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What: Seattle startup Record360, which is in the business of getting rid of those paper documents you fill out when renting a car or apartment and replacing them with digital files.

Who: Shane Skinner, co-founder and CEO

An eternal record: Record360 creates software and a mobile app that can be used to create a digital record of any property before it is rented. Customers and managers can take photos and videos of a rental car, for example, and note any dents or damage before signing off on the rental agreement. The video and photos are stored in the cloud to make sure they cannot be misplaced.

No paper scraps:Skinner realized the problem in his years of working at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Whenever someone rented and returned cars, the company would fill out reports that noted the car’s condition. But sometimes employees missed a new dent or scratch when the car came back in or customers misplaced their original signed condition report. That often led to disputes and lost money.

Cutting costs: Record360 aims to digitize similar processes for any industry. “It felt almost endless in regard to the number of industries using paper or nothing at all to do the exchange of expensive assets,” Skinner said.

Damaged paddle boards: Record360 is free for consumers, and makes its money by charging a monthly fee to companies that use the software. Customers include rental-car firms, manufacturing facilities and a paddleboarding company in Hawaii. Since the product launched in June, the number of customers has grown to about 60 companies.

New customers: The team of nine employees is hiring rapidly, Skinner said, especially as the number of customers increases. The company has raised $1.55 million and works out of offices in the Madrona neighborhood.

— Rachel Lerman