Bellevue-based Auth0 makes it easy for developers to integrate identity verification into their technologies.

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What: Bellevue-based Auth0 makes it easy for developers to integrate identity verification into their technologies

Who: Jon Gelsey, CEO

Tricky authorizations: Auth0 began in 2013 because the founders were frustrated with how hard it is to integrate user authorization and identity verification into applications. For example, it can take developers weeks or months to get a mobile app authorized to access a bank’s system, so that its future users can check their bank accounts from their phones, Gelsey said. Founders Matias Woloski and Eugenio Pace wanted to make the process easier for people building apps and systems for businesses.

Minimal code: Auth0 is a cloud-based service that allows developers at companies of any size to spend less time maintaining their systems. Auth0 provides a few lines of code that developers add to their technology, and then Auth0 takes care of updating things on the back end. Auth0 lets developers set up user logins through Facebook, Baidu and pretty much any other system that can verify identity. “The ordinary developer doesn’t have time to think about getting a login box to work,” Gelsey said. “This gives them time to instead think about business logic.”

Serious money: Auth0 has raised $9.3 million to date, including a $6.9 million round in June led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Gelsey said the company is using the funds to continue building the product and expand sales and marketing efforts. Auth0 wasn’t looking to raise money from big investors when it first got a seed round last September. “We’re very fortunate Bessemer sought us out,” Gelsey said. “We intended it to be a friends and family round.”

Daily inflation: Auth0 has 42 employees, though Gelsey said that number “changes literally every day.” The company is hiring “aggressively” in most departments, but especially in its sales, marketing and engineering departments. Gelsey said its head count will top 100 in the next year.

Global subscribers: Auth0’s customer base is expanding even faster than its employee count — it manages verification and logins for 25,000 companies in 150 countries. Companies can sign up to the service for free, and then start to pay a subscription fee that increases with the number of users accessing the system.

Hacker hurdle: Secure logins are especially important now, Gelsey said, with the list of companies that have been hacked growing every day. “The first level of defense is strong identity security,” Gelsey said. “Identity is the new firewall.”

— Rachel Lerman