An SEC filing says the Kirkland startup, formerly known as Viableware, has raised $4.9 million of a nearly $11 million round.

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Kirkland startup TableSafe, which makes a device that lets customers pay their restaurant tabs by credit card from their tables, has raised nearly $5 million, bringing its total funding to $25 million.

A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday shows TableSafe has raised $4.9 million of a $10.9 million round.

The company said the funding round was ongoing and declined to disclose the investors.

TableSafe, which changed its name from Viableware in 2014, makes the Rail, a small bookletlike device that lets customers swipe their cards and complete a transaction at their table.

The idea is to make things easier for busy restaurant staff and make customers feel secure because their card never leaves their sight.

TableSafe is launching the second version of the Rail, this one complete with EMV chip-card capabilities and near-field communications, or NFC, meaning people will be able to use Apple Pay or other virtual payments to charge the bill.

The Rail has “point-to-point encryption,” said Gary McGrath, executive vice president of sales. That means the card number is obscured throughout the transaction.

“At no point in time is your credit-card information transmitted,” McGrath said.

TableSafe now works with about 12 customers nationwide and plans to expand significantly when the new device launches within the next couple of months.