The Seattle startup makes it easier for its corporate users to share customer data across a company’s various departments.

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What: Usermind, a Seattle startup


Who: Michel Feaster, co-founder and CEO


Customer cache: Usermind’s software collects and shares data about customers and processes so that all departments of a company — marketing, sales, finance, etc. — can have the most up-to-date info. The software works across applications, making it easier to collate data.


Data and action: Usermind’s platform collects a bunch of data about a company’s customers, and it automatically triggers actions when necessary. For example, if a customer hasn’t completed signing up for a service, a reminder email might be automatically sent in three days.


Vendors, too: The company recently expanded its technology to also integrate information about a company’s vendors or partners. Usermind brings together all information about existing and potential vendors so companies can track sales and offer tutorials.


Interview spree: Before launching Usermind, Feaster, a former Apptio executive, interviewed hundreds of companies to find out what would improve interactions with customers and ultimately improve overall customer experience. “What people wanted was two things,” Feaster said. “They wanted insights, and wanted to know the next best action that would be relevant.”


Disconnected systems: Companies needed an easy way to share information each department was gathering, Feaster concluded. “People had CRMs and marketing tools and chatbots and all these technologies,” she said. “But there was no glue to connect that together and, say a customer is giving you this data, how do you use that data to drive your engagement?”


Growing team: Usermind has about 40 employees and has raised more than $22 million from prominent Silicon Valley investors including Menlo Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Charles River Ventures.

— Rachel Lerman