Health-care-tech startup​ 98point6 is working on “the next generation of primary care.”

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A new way of visiting your primary-care doctor might be on the horizon, courtesy of a Seattle startup.

The company, 98point6, has raised $11 million in debt financing of a larger $15 million round, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The downtown Seattle health-care technology company’s website says it is working on “the next generation of primary care.” That’s about all the startup is saying for now. According to its LinkedIn page, it’s in “stealth mode.”.

“We’re looking to revolutionize the primary care industry through data science to greatly reduce the cost of care,” CEO Robbie Cape said Wednesday.

The company will say more about its plan in the next year, he said, adding that 98point6 will eventually have a service for consumers.

The process of visiting and getting treatment from a primary care provider hasn’t changed much over the past century, Cape said. 98point6 wants to use technology to change.

“We believe that basic health care needs to be more accessible,” Cape said. “And when we talk about access we’re thinking about rural America having access to primary care. We’re also thinking globally about children and adults.”

A career page on its website shows that 98point6 is seeking to fill about 14 positions, including jobs for software engineers and physicians.

Cape was the founder of home-management-software company Cozi, which was acquired by Time Inc. in 2014. His new company, he said, aims to “bring more efficient, convenient and cost-effective health care to the masses.”

The startup joins a growing list of companies in the region that are attempting to reinvent the health-care industry with technology. Wellness startup Arivale, which offers personalized health coaching, raised $36 million last summer.