Human, Inc., is developing an audio technology, but the company won’t say yet what that looks like.

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Housed in the old Rainier Brewery in Seattle’s Sodo neighborhood, a team of 40 people has been working for more than a year in a quest to change the audio industry.

That’s about all Human, Inc., is saying about its technology.

The startup, which says it is in stealth mode, raised $5 million from Fred Warren, the co-founder of Brentwood Associates, as well as Kurt Beecher Dammeier of Sugar Mountain Capital and Daniel Darling of Darling Ventures.

Human was launched in late 2014 by serial entrepreneurs Ben Willis and Joe Dieter, who founded and sold houseware-products company Yum Tools. The pair say they want to “transform today’s audio industry” by combining hardware and software, but they aren’t offering many details.

Human will begin revealing products this year, the company said in a news release announcing its funding round. Its website says it is developing “audio inspired by the human form.”

The startup also announced it was bringing on Bill Moore, former CEO of Root Metrics and, as president and executive chairman.

Willis and Dieter may not have said what they’re developing, but they are confident it will make a big splash.

“The size and quality of our funding is a byproduct of our industry-altering vision and the remarkable team we’ve assembled,” Willis said in a statement. “Tech is about to change in a very big way, starting with how we experience sound.”