A study from hiring site Indeed says tech workers in Seattle are among the best paid in the nation, when cost of living is factored in.

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Seattle tech workers are among the best paid in the U.S., especially when cost of living adjustments are taken into account.

Seattle ranks No. 2 on a list of 15 U.S. tech centers for best-paying technical jobs, when housing costs are factored in, according to a study from hiring website Indeed. Austin comes in first on the adjusted list, beating out popular California tech destinations.

San Francisco ranked No. 1 on the list without adjusting for cost of living, with an average salary of $113,497 for a variety of tech roles within the city. San Jose came in second with an average salary of $111,925 and New York was third with an average salary of $109,765.

When factors such as housing prices and restaurant costs were added in, Indeed found tech workers were getting a better deal in cities outside of Silicon Valley. Austin tech workers are paid an average salary of $95,247 when adjustments are added, and Seattle workers make $91,242.

Seattle ranks highly across several different technical roles, including mobile developers and front-end developers, and came in first for one specific role – software engineers. Such engineers make an average of $108,387, according to the study.

Seattle is considered a top region for tech recruiting, and is often cited as a slightly more affordable option to the Bay Area, where the median rent is $3,357.

Companies from across California have set up engineering offices in Seattle at an increasingly fast rate over the last few years. Indeed, which is based in Austin, is growing its own office in Seattle by 50 percent this year.