TinyPulse helps companies manage their relations with employees through surveys aimed at capturing how the worker is feeling about his or her job at a given time.

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Retaining employees can be difficult for employers, and that’s paying off for one local startup.

TinyPulse, a Seattle startup that helps companies keep employees happy at work, raised $6 million from investors this week. The company, based in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, raised the funds in a round led by Fargo, N.D.-based Arthur Ventures, despite still having proceeds from its seed round still in the bank.

TinyPulse CEO David Niu said he couldn’t pass up the chance to work with Arthur, which backs software companies. His company plans to use the funds to build new products that help companies easily track how content workers are.

The startup creates weekly one-question surveys for employees that are meant to assess worker sentiment. The idea is to replace cumbersome annual reviews and surveys and get a better idea of how employees are feeling at any given time. That can help contribute, the thinking goes, to retaining employees for longer periods of time.

The survey asks questions such as “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?” and “What did you like the best at your previous employment that you’d like to see implemented here?”

Niu has ambitious plans for the next year, saying the company will hire at least 50 people and up to 100, doubling the current 100-employee staff.

The company had 20 employees one year ago when it raised a $3.5 million seed funding round, led by San Francisco-based Baseline Ventures. “That’s why I have more gray hair,” Niu said.

TinyPulse’s customer base is ballooning as well. It works with more than 500 customers, including the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Whitepages.

Niu said the company is preparing to expand its core products to help companies with annual performance reviews.

“Performance reviews suffer from siloed data,” he said. “Some is in your mind, some in your email, some in manager notes.”

TinyPulse’s product, expected to be released near the beginning of next year, will collect small amounts of data throughout the year, much as its weekly surveys do.