Spare5, which uses humans to fine-tune artificial intelligence technology, will now be known as Mighty AI.

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Spare5, a spinout from Madrona Venture Labs, is changing its name on the heels of inking new partnerships with Intel and Accenture.

The Seattle startup, which uses humans to fine-tune artificial intelligence engines, will now be known as Mighty AI.

The name change comes at the same time as a new $14 million funding round, raised from Intel Capital with participation from Google Ventures, Accenture Ventures, Foundry Group, Madrona Venture Group and New Enterprise Associates.

Mighty AI uses machine-learning technology and actual humans to look through data and make sure it is accurate and being collected correctly.

Intel and Accenture will market and sell the startup’s products to their customers.

Spare5 launched in 2014, and quickly debuted an app that recruited people to complete short tasks in their spare time.

The company also sent a note to people that use its app, assuring them nothing would change.

“We are not changing or altering your account, tasking, or earnings history in any way,” the company wrote in an email to app users, called “Fives.”

The Spare5 app, which is keeping that name, pays people small amounts of money to complete short tasks, such as identifying objects in pictures. The tasks help Spare5 partners “clean” their data.