raised the funding round from Madrona Venture Group and Ignition Partners, along with other venture capital firms.

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Seattle startup has raised $3 million to help companies figure out how to best store and protect customer data to comply with regulations that vary wildly across industries and countries.

Sensors are in devices all over your home, and nearly every online account you sign up for gathers information about you. Companies often deal with conflicting laws when it comes to the increasing amount of customer data they hold.

Integris was founded by Microsoft and Ignition Partners vet Kristina Bergman, former eBay and Amazon executive Uma Raghavan and Blue Titan founder Frank Martinez to analyze risk for companies and help them understand their options.

Integris’ cloud-based technology determines where a company stores all of its data, categorizes each piece, then determines a “risk score” based on where the data sits and who has access to it.

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Companies may be working with privacy laws that vary across borders, Bergman said, and companies will have to decide which country’s laws to comply with in each individual case.

“You’re effectively making trade-offs about your risk,” she said.

Integris, which has four people in its office within Madrona Venture Group in downtown Seattle, raised its funding round from venture-capital groups Madrona, Ignition Partners, Amplify Partners, Keeler Investments, Antecedent VC and Sian Ventures.

The company is building its product and testing with early customers. Bergman said her next task is hiring technical talent.

“We’re hiring engineers, more engineers and more engineers,” she said. “We’re in the heavy-build stage of the company.”

Julie Sandler from Madrona and Mike Dauber from Amplify will join the board of the company.