Utrip announced a partnership with ticket-seller SeatGeek to add live events into travel itineraries.

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Seattle startup Utrip is joining forces with online ticketing company SeatGeek to add information about live events into travelers’ itineraries.

Utrip, a trip-planning website, will search a traveler’s Facebook interests or manually added preferences to tell users when their favorite sports teams, bands and other troupes will be playing in the same city at the same time. Then the startup will create a full itinerary for that city, and users will be able to buy tickets to the events on the same website using New York-based ticketing startup SeatGeek.

“As we see with the popularity of apps like Snapchat and Facebook Live, travelers seek memorable experiences that cannot be replicated — and nothing adds a more unique, memorable aspect to a travel experience than seeing your favorite teams, athletes, bands, comedians and performers live,” Lewis Krell, Utrip’s director of business development, said in a statement.

Utrip is one of a growing number of travel-based startups that seek to make trip planning easier. The startups particularly target the millennial generation, who are used to technology that personalizes experiences with quick clicks.

Utrip uses machine learning technology to assess what kinds of activities the traveler likes, and then find similar outings and events wherever they travel. Utrip takes into account the traveler’s budget and interests and creates personalized itineraries.

The startup brings in money by partnering with high-profile destinations, such as the Empire State Building, and visitors’ organizations. Utrip incorporates a feature into the landmarks’ websites that allows travelers to plan a trip in the surrounding city.

Utrip has raised more than $2 million from angel investors and has offices in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.